Cancel and Refund Conditions

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

1. Cancellation Policy

1.1. Can Müzayede undertakes to accept cancellation requests after the auction is completed.

1.2. However, Can Müzayede may consider special situations and specific customer requests and reserves the right to cancel a transaction at its discretion. These situations and requests will be examined in detail by Can Müzayede.

2. Return Policy

2.1. Can Müzayede will only accept the return of a purchased item under the following conditions:

a. If the item purchased is damaged, faulty or incorrect as clearly stated in the auction.

b. Return request must be contacted within 7 days of delivery of the item.

2.2. Refund requests will be approved or rejected after review by Can Müzayede. Approved return requests will be processed by sending the item to the return address specified by Can Müzayede.

2.3. During the return process, the rules and processes determined by Can Müzayede must be followed.

3. Return and Cancellation Fees

3.1. Can Müzayede is not responsible for any fees or charges resulting from cancellation or refund, but such fees may be subject to local laws and regulations.

4. Changes and Updates

4.1. Can Müzayede reserves the right to update or change this cancellation and refund policy without prior notice. If a re-examination is to be made, the updated policy will be published on the website

These cancellation and return conditions are Can Müzayede's basic rules for auction transactions. More details or specific conditions may be available on the website If you have any questions or requests regarding returns or cancellations, please contact us.