Auction Rules

1-) Can Müzayede is an auction company, no direct sales are made.

2-) Can Müzayede sells the products of third parties by auction. The person who makes the highest bid for the product is entitled to purchase the product. The only person who bids on a product buys that product at the starting price. If there is more than one bidder, the bidder with the highest number of bidders will have the right to purchase the product at the end of the period, with the addition of the previous bidder in the following increments. The prices stated in this catalog are starting prices. Products cannot be sold below starting prices.

3-) Commission fee is the commission rate at the entrance of the auction (note that it is between 15% and 20%). Please note that the bank charges an additional commission for payments by credit card.

4-) You can examine the products listed in the auction at our office, where you will see the address information in the contact section on the website Can Müzayede will not be responsible for the difference between the description of the product and its legal status. All visual materials such as photographs and the like are for guidance only. The best way is for the buyer to see and decide the actual color, tone and condition of the products himself.

5-) The bids entered in the auction are registered and cannot be cancelled. In case of request to cancel the bid / bid or if payment is not made after the auction, membership will be permanently blocked, in which case Can Müzayede reserves the right to take legal action.

6-) For new membership orders of 10 or more, the member must provide a reference. If the reference is not found sufficient, Can Müzayede company has the right to cancel all bids. The bid limit for new members is 5000 TL unless a reference is made. After the payment is made for the first product purchase, the limit will be opened after you are informed by e-mail or phone to increase the limit.

7-) Products that are not paid for within 5 days will be cancelled. In this case, the membership will be suspended and Can Müzayede may initiate legal proceedings. If this negative behavior occurs with different memberships, Can Müzayede will initiate legal action through its lawyers. If the user whose membership has been suspended/cancelled re-registers with Can Müzayede under a different name, legal proceedings can be initiated upon understanding the situation.

8-) Members who bid are advised to enter the highest limit. The highest bid placed by the member does not have to be the member's last digit. According to the automatic bid raising system; The bid in the lower number of another member follows the given bid. If the bet given by the member is exceeded, the member is notified by e-mail. The offer starting price is 25 TL.

9-) Product price gradual increase intervals;

1.           From 5.-TL to 20.-TL – 2.-TL

2.             From 20.-TL to 100 TL – 5 TL

3 .           From 100.-TL to 200.-TL – 10 TL

4.           From 200.-TL to 500.-TL – 25 TL

5.            From 500.-TL to 2000.-TL – 50 TL

6.            From 2000.-TL to 5000.-TL – 100 TL

7.            You can increase your bids as 5000.-TL and above – 250.-TL.

10-) Our auctions are held only on the internet and will close for bidding at the specified time and all auctions will be concluded in the live auction and the user who bids the highest will receive an e-mail as the product owner.

11-) Information messages may be sent to your e-mail address and mobile phone number that you provided during registration to our site. By registering, you consent to these submissions. If you do not want to receive information mails and SMS, it is sufficient to send your request by e-mail to

12-) Those who are members of our site are deemed to have accepted the conditions written here.

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